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Longevity Medicine: we discussed about it on Sky TG24 during a dedicated episode of the segment “Health”

➔ Longevity medicine primarily concerns the young, not the elderly. You may wonder, why? The answer lies in biological plasticity, which is the resilience of our body, and the marginal gains derived from adopting preventive measures. These benefits are much more evident in the young. We took the opportunity to remember that taking action to improve our health and longevity is essential at any age.

During the interview on Sky TG24, we also discussed how investing in our prevention today can have a significant impact on our future. 
We talked about all this with Nicola Marino, along with two prominent experts: Vittorio Sebastiano from Stanford University and Dr. Antonella Santuccione Chadha, CEO of the Women’s Brain Project.


Date: 03/2024