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Milan Longevity Summit 2024

➔ Coordinated by Brain Circle together with Aeon and other entities, the Milan Longevity Summit (14-27 March 2024) represents one of the largest events in the world on Longevity medicine. The Summit brought together hundreds of researchers (including Luigi Ferrucci, Nir Barzilai, Anna Erat, Andrea Maier, Vittorio Sebastiano, Marco Quarta, Valter Longo, and Chiara Herzog), and attracted a diverse group of stakeholders, from CEOs to political institutions.
The Summit, therefore, also served as an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen the longevity community. This variety of participants provided a comprehensive overview of the longevity industry and its economic and social implications.

The Summit received great success and extensive media coverage, with over 2000 web pages mentioning the initiative, and more than 700 publications in print, online, radio and television, including important newspapers (among which The Economist and The New York Times) and TV programs. This extraordinary visibility not only contributed significantly to the success of the event but, more importantly, broadened the awareness and importance of longevity and well-being in society.

However, the Milan Longevity Summit was not just an isolated event; it laid the foundation for new efforts. As the Aeon Foundation, together with Brain Circle, we are already working on the planning of the Milan Longevity Summit 2025. Our goal is to surpass the goals achieved, making the next summit even broader and more inclusive.

Date: 04/2024