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Chamber of Deputies Event – Towards a New Health Paradigm: From Aging Healthcare to Longevity Healthcare, guided by advanced technologies

➔ On January 29th, a new chapter in the field of medicine was opened at the press room of the Chamber of Deputies: the transition from an italian public healthcare focused on aging to one that is longevity tech driven. The event was graced by prominent figures such as Carnem Di Lauro, member of Parliament, Marco Quarta, President of the Phaedon Institute, who shared the latest findings on longevity and cellular senescence. Joining him was Chiara Herzog, a distinguished researcher at the Biomarkers of Aging Consortium, who highlighted the importance of new biomarkers (essential tools for clinical and preventive medicine).

This internationally significant meeting is part of the activities promoted by the AEON Foundation, aiming to provide policymakers with solid scientific foundations to reform the healthcare sector. Among the speakers was also Eleonora Goldoni, an athlete of S.S. Lazio and the national women’s team, who emphasized the crucial role of new media in promoting a healthy lifestyle, underlining the importance of ethical communication and evidence-based information by influencers.

Dr. Nicola Marino, Director of the AEON Foundation, remarked: “This meeting marks a crucial moment in our mission to promote healthcare that embraces longevity as a fundamental value, integrating scientific and technological innovations for the benefit of society as a whole. It is a step forward towards a future where preventive medicine and aging care become pillars of our collective health.

The event underscored the universal importance of health and well- being as pillars for the sustainable development of society, not just within the medical field. On this occasion, the AEON Foundation, together with Viviana Kasam, president of Brain Circle Italia (organization founded with Rita Levi Montalcini), announced the Longevity Summit to be held in Milan from March 14th to 27th. This summit represents the most significant global meeting dedicated to the revolution in longevity medicine.

For more information on the program and participants, please visit the official summit website:

Date: 01/2024